Insight Construct LLC


Game Changing Solutions

Client Types

The services offered by Insight Construct are designed to support owners, developers, property managers, and end users with a single or multi-property portfolio. Further, they are tailor-made for those with the authority to make contractor selections. Plus, they may already know our parent company, GHT Limited, and trust our design capabilities through current projects and/or past work. We can also directly help an owner/end user with little or no experience navigating the route through the process of construction. 

Below are Insight Construct's primary client types citing key benefits from the perspective of each one as it relates to MEP and MCI solutions.


  • Back-of-the-envelope mindset applying the lens of feasibility for design-build options
  • Designing and building to a program budget of only that which you need, nothing you don’t
  • Experience that differentiates between the tangible and intangible values of green technologies and mandates
  • Impartial and agenda-free engineering and constructability decisions
  • Understanding mutual benefits in meeting schedule deadlines

Property Managers/Partners

  • Specialized acumen in occupied-building renovations with intuitive phasing and scheduling solutions
  • Designing and building to meet owner needs rather than limited-window trends
  • Design-build for lifecycle costs in consideration of "first cost"
  • Understanding and accommodating considerations for maintainability and market access

End Users

  • Assistance with capital improvement and contract negotiations from the perspectives of constructability, beneficial use, and market value
  • Evaluation of energy costs and functionality for the owner's design intent
  • Thorough scope and bid leveling services
  • Timely construction and inspection services
  • Design and construction for ease of use