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Offering an alternative approach to design-build construction.

Insight Construct offers an alternative approach to design-build construction for equipment replacement, master controls integration, and other MEP-centered construction projects.

We are a general contractor conceived from the perspective of a design engineer. Insight Construct specializes in projects that comprise mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems and are heavily focused on master controls integration (MCI). These projects most often occur in occupied existing buildings and involve well-coordinated reconfiguration, renovation or replacement where time, cost, and energy savings are important. Further, they greatly benefit from in-progress, real-time engineering, and design solutions.

With construction management professionals and design engineers working together, Insight Construct is able to achieve exceptional and timely coordination. This results in detailed bid sets that achieve more accurate cost estimates with fewer surprises and change orders as construction progresses. Plus, solutions for everyday construction events are implemented without delay and in the moment.

Being aligned with an MEP design engineering firm also affords Insight Construct the knowledge, relationships, and resources to achieve similar results when working with other MEP design engineers.




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Insight Construct offers an alternative approach to design-build construction for equipment replacement, master controls integration, and other MEP centered construction projects. Acting as the owner’s advocate from concept through construction, Insight Construct specializes in projects focused on MEP systems and Controls/BAS.




At Insight Construct, we are ideally suited to directly partner with property management companies in having a proactive approach that effectively monitors and maintains MEP systems throughout their portfolio. Likewise, we can offer the same seamless interfacing with owners/developers of commercial properties as well as senior commercial real estate executives overseeing real property portfolios for end users.

project types

Insight Construct’s projects are typically commercial mechanical and electrical systems renovations; Master Controls Integration (MCI); controls retrofits; central plant renovations; and terminal level renovations. We also tailor our services to support any combination of these endeavors for a specific project.




As a wholly owned subsidiary of GHT Limited, Insight Construct brings with it the direct expertise of one of the largest locally owned and headquartered MEP consultants in the Greater Washington Metropolitan area. Since its founding in 1965, GHT has remained on the leading edge of technology to deliver solutions that balance comfort, efficiency, and purpose. With the launch of Insight Construct, our capabilities provide a turnkey solution that studies, designs, and competitively bids to construct today’s sophisticated and sustainable operational building systems.

master controls integration (MCI)

We know today’s owners, property managers, and commercial real estate executives need intuitive, secure, open platform and open protocol controls solutions. At Insight Construct, we believe it is best to ensure our clients have access to the free and fair market for competitive pricing while maintaining access to the best and brightest service providers the market has to offer. Our MCI program was established to deliver these principle design requirements. We have witnessed first-hand the markets resistance to embrace the competitive controls model. The Insight Construct MCI team advocates a disciplined and steady-handed methodology needed to be successful.       

Our experience with building automation controls is extensive—tied with the ability to not only address field installation issues, but to interpret design expectations as well. We are advocates for end users and for the open platform and open protocol approach. The experience of our Insight Construct team spans industrial, laboratories, SCADA and BACNET BAS design, integration, construction, and commissioning.  

Further, Insight Construct's services extend to include coordination with forward and reverse compatibility requirements, along with providing access to the free and fair marketplace before, during, after a project has been completed. We believe in the power of choice. When controls are seamless and intuitive, they become functional and maintainable for the long term. 



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